Our Approach

Coming out of the Hospitality Industry we understand the importance of people.

“People are our the expensive yet most valuable asset to the organisation”

Tim has often experienced that the hotel that is newly built with all the hardware possible but the team are average then property will not be a great success.  However, the run down but clean hotel with a great team can be a great success.

We focus on understanding what is wanted by an owner and then go about putting the right people in the right place in the right volume at the right time with well trained processes and that will lead to success.

We also believe in business being very open, honest and transparent and you will see this reflected in all that we do.

Our Story

Having been in Asia since 1989 at the end of 2000 I found myself returning to the UK to set-up Siam Ease.  The company offering Hospitality Management Consultancy and the name based on the “Ease” of service found in Thailand and the knowledge and skills I had learned over the years in China and Thailand.

Then spending time as Head of School of Hospitality at Westminster in Vincent Square followed by bringing Siam Ease to Thailand and then spending severn years developing the Bandara Hotels & Resorts Group.  Siam Ease was then relaunched in 2016 this time with Joanne Weldhen supporting the operations

Meet the Team

Tim Cooke – Managing Director

Hospitality management, hotel operations, development and training


Tim Cooke has an unusual skill set combining experience in hospitality management and hotel and language school management. He is passionate about people and their development through training and education.  He builds effective and practical solutions with people at the centre of everything he does.

With more than 25 years’ in Europe and Asia, recently as CEO of Bandara Hotels & Resorts, a Thai hotel group, Tim has extensive knowledge of all aspects of hospitality management. This international experience enables him to devise and implement flexible and innovative service orientated concepts that combine the best of both Asian and Western elements.



Joanne Weldhen, Administration Director







Next Steps…

If there is something you think we can help with them please let us know on tim@siameasethailand.com