Hospitality Consultancy

Tim Cooke is a specialists in restructuring hospitality operations to give them innovation, alignment and clear direction.  At the same time ensuring that the operations are efficiently run by a team who have the skills and tools to excel in their roles.

If you own operations that are not performing as you wish we will work with you in devising solutions and implementing them to maximise the organisations potential.  We have the knowledge and skill to resolve even the most challenging problems.

Training Services

Since 2016 Siam Ease has been working with Done! a training and software developer specialising in hospitality and customer service. Done give us two great assets. Simple and customisable software to develop and train your team and some specialist and inspirational Training

Business Development

Growth is usually the aspiration and often a necessity for many organisations and over the years Tim has gained considerable experience in all levels of business development.

Specialising in hospitality organisations we support both the analysis and strategy development and the operational implementation and quality control.

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Why we make a difference…..

At Siam Ease we operate under some basic principles.

  • We know communication is key to success and at all times you will find us open, honest and transparent
  • We also know that people are our most expensive asset and our most valuable one.  They are also the key to success and you will find people a key focus in everything we do
  • Teams drive success and we work very closely with your team and yourself and together WE will lead the success
  • We develop strategy and support its implementation and monitor the quality of our success
  • We bring considerable experience in both hospitality and training and are skilled in assessing operations and identifying needs

Next Steps…

Having some issues and would like some help then lets talk.  Contact Tim Cooke directly on

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